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Aug 11 
H4H Monograph - 
Back to School Blues
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This article is brought to you by Sam Adkins The Homeopathic Coach who teaches families about healthy living and natural remedies using homeopathic medicine. An internationally renowned expert, her helpful articles are regularly syndicated online.  She publishes the ezine Homeopathy@Home to provide free Homeopathic tips, tools and resources to educate and inspire you to use Homeopathy at home.

Going back to school can be daunting for many kids more especially if they are starting at a new school, or beginning school for the first time. Homeopathy treats back to school anxiety or nerves very effectively and I am going to show you what to do, as well as give you some further self help tips if you are parent of an anxious child.
Although severe or chronic anxiety needs a consultation with a professional Homeopath, if your child is worrying unduly about starting school this year, or about an exam, test or performance, then
Homeopathy may be an easy solution.
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Soothe with Words & Actions  

  • Reassure: It's important for your child to know that this is normal and that everyone sometimes has this feeling and that it will pass.
  • Reflect: Reflect what you observe in your child back to them. Try and avoid talking about how you felt on an occasion but instead use phrases that show you understand what they are feeling such as: "I can see you are feeling really nervous/anxious"; or for older kids: "I noticed you looked anxious when we were talking about school there anything in particular you were worried about?"
  • Validate: Explain to your younger child that it is normal to sometimes feel worried about something new but once they get to school and get used to the newness, they will feel better fast.
  • Interact: Younger kids may find it difficult to express why they are worried, whilst older teenagers may just not want to talk about it. Just letting them know you are there to chat should they want to, is sometimes enough.

Soothe with Homeopathy
There are many effective Homeopathic medicines for back to school anxiety and they are also perfect to use with other types of anxiety such as a trip to the dentist, or nerves before an exam or performance. Give the homeopathic medicine 3 times a day if the symptoms are present for up to 14 days.

  • Aconite 30: Give this medicine for a child who is extremely fearful with marked restlessness. They cannot sit still and may actually have a scared expression. This is also the main acute Homeopathic medicines for panic style attacks with a beating heart, senation of not being able to get enough air, and feeling faint.
  • Argentum Nitricum 30: Your child has an anticipatory anxiety and feels very nervous. They are likely to have diarrhoea and flatulence with their anxiety.
  • Arsenicum 30: Give this Homeopathic medicine when your child is very restless and insecure with their anxiety. They may show a degree of exhaustion but you know this tiredness has an emotional basis and is linked to anxiety.

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  • Calc Phos 30: This is the number 1 medicine to try when your child is reluctant to go to school. They may have headaches and/or tummy aches that prevent them from going. They may deny there is anything is wrong at school but they have the convenient "illness" that allows them to stay at home. Often the medicine to think of for the younger child.
  • Gelsemium 30: A great general anticipatory anxiety remedy for anxiety before an event such as a first day, exam, or performance. Child feels cowardly and weak. They feel the task ahead of them is too much. (If in doubt and your child's anticipatory anxiety symptoms are hard to define, try Gelsemium first before other homeopathic medicines.)
  • Lycopodium 30: Give this medicine when your child is fearful that they will fail and look foolish or incompetent in front of others. They are likely to cover this anxiety up with an overly confident manner but they dont feel confident. Often these types will "perform" very well each time but still have the preceding anxiety.

Sooth with Nutrition
It is important if your child is anxious to watch their sugar intake. Anxiety makes the adrenals work as it causes over production of both cortisol and adrenaline amongst other hormones. The adrenal glands also have to work hard with a diet high in sugar so frequent sources of protein in snacks/meals is important such as nuts and seeds, humous with carrot sticks, eggs, meat and fish. This balances the blood sugar and takes the load off those adrenal glands.

There are certain supplements that will help support your childs system and ensure they have the best resources available to help them cope:

  • Multi B vitamin: B vitamins are very important for the nervous system so adequate intake is essential
  • Magnesium is important for many systems in the body but will also help your child be calm at night for restful sleep
  • Vitamin C 1000mg daily: Vitamin C supports the adrenal glands and as they work extra hard in times of anxiety this is key.

Sooth youself and/or your Partner 
When our kids are not happy it is easy to worry ourselves. Know that this is just a short phase and that your child's ability to weather this storm will give them tools to weather greater storms that may happen in their lives. If your children never hit adversity and find ways to self cope, they will not grow into coping adults. Love is the best provision you can provide as well as a sense of normality in their home environment.

If you would like further help with Helping your anxious child, take a look at my tele-seminar "How to Soothe Your Anxious Child with Homeopathy and EFT" which includes an audio, guide and EFT videos. Happy Homeopathic prescribing! 

What should I do next?
Contact Dr. Peter Darashah and discuss your concerns with him. Should a treatment be considered beneficial a prescription and remedy can be easily be 
forwarded to you by post.

Dr. Peter Darashah

Ph.D.,M.Sc (Lond), B.Sc., DIHom (Pract),FBIH, MARH

Nutrition Consultant & Homeopathic Physician

(087) 2621943

Consultations held at :-

The Natural Health Centre, 34 Princes Str., Cork .

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