Rain Dancer


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Sunday Best Relaxing At Work Night Clubbing
Pictures below loaded 02/07/14
Chicken Kiev (1) - The fillets Chicken Kiev (2)  - Separating the supreme fillet
Chicken Kiev (3)  - Beating out the supreme fillets Chicken Kiev (4) - Supreme fillets beaten out
Chicken Kiev (5) - Supreme fillets beaten out Chicken Kiev (6) - Incised pocket in fillet
Chicken Kiev (7) - Parsely butter Chicken Kiev (8) - Parsely butter in the incised pocket
Chicken Kiev (9) - Incised pocket sealed with supreme fillet Chicken Kiev (10) - Rice flour, brown bread crumbs,
scrambled eggs 
Chicken Kiev (11) - Ready to serve Chicken Kiev (12) - The verdict of the guests
Pictures below ref my letter 10/06/14
Slieve Bloom - Waterfall Slieve Bloom - Mountain top view
Slieve Bloom - Bluebells Slieve Bloom - Woodland trail
Slieve Bloom - Ancient stone pile at mountain top Slieve Bloom - Cottage I stayed in
Pictures below ref my letter 30/04/14
Children's Party Ghost (1)
Children's Party Ghost (2)
Pictures below ref my letter 08/04/14
Cork Floods 2014 Love in the floods
Typical Cork food bar Cork breakfast
Queen of England enjoying a joke with her favourite Cork fishmonger Cork houses along the river Lee